The Blue Deal workshops or speakers provide the inspiration that is needed to make people in organizations embrace sustainable ambitions and set goals.

The step-by-step approach to transform your organization into an integral sustainable business.

Blue Print – organizational approach to sustainable business. Integrating sustainable goals into the management model.

Blue Deal – the sustainability business case in which sustainable goals, technical solutions and financial feasibility meet.

Blue Board – effectively manage, report and inform with online dashboard. Book a demo or log in.

The Blue Deal provides the technical and financial know-how to ensure the sustainability measures and steps you take are future-proof and within the technical and financial possibilities.

We help organizations to make environments and buildings more sustainable, to generate sustainable energy, to shape the energy transition and to make raw material, product and waste flows circular.


Would you like to get a group of people inspired by 10 years of experience and many examples from the world of sustainability? Provide a “Blue” business view on effectively contributing to a better society and a sustainable future? Insight into the opportunities for your organization? Or would you like to know more about the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)? If so, book one of our speaker or faciliators.

The workshops of The Blue Deal allow you to speed up teams in your organization by, for example, setting sustainable goals, determining sustainability steps and making “Blue Deals”. The content of the workshops is filled in as desired. Or choose one of the existing formats:

  • The Sustainability Business Case
  • Sustainable Innovation Sprint
  • Circularity vs Product design Challenge
  • Sustainable Goals Workshop
  • SDG for Business Workshop
  • Footprint & Stakeholder Workshop



We set-up a blueprint (Blue Print) and identify possible actions with which we can accelerate achieving sustainability objectives.

In doing so we respond to the ambitions and possibilities of the organization. It deals with independent projects, the organization as a whole, primary and secondary processes. All stakeholders are included, such as employees, customers, shareholders, partners and suppliers.

The result is an integrated plan (blueprint) containing the playing field, the vision, the objectives and associated KPIs with a phased and clear step-by-step plan. With Implementation methods such as SCRUM you use the speed, commitment and satisfaction that suits your stakeholders.

  • Sustainability scan (internal, chain)
  • Develop a sustainable vision
  • Sustainable KPIs and objectives
  • Drawing up an assessment framework for sustainability projects
  • Baseline measurements (eg CO2, water, use of raw materials)


With the Blue Deal approach you take your investment decisions in an integral, demonstrable and traceable way.

We introduce the sustainability business case (Blue Deal) with which the right choices are made based on the right facts, desired returns and selected solutions.

Input for this is the Blue Print or your feasibility study, in which these solutions are listed. In a Trade-off matrix tool we clarify how sustainability objectives and financial objectives reinforce each other and lead to acceleration.

We therefore call the commitment for this acceleration “The Blue Deal”.

  • Business case sustainability
  • Tender Management

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Sustainable organizations have a higher return, more loyal customers and employees. They meet growing demands from customers, chains and regulations and contribute to the balance of our planet.

The Blue Board of The Blue Deal is a dashboard service that enables organizations to select, prioritize and accelerate sustainable goals. Through insight, reports and active management, accelerated results are achieved on, for example, making processes circular, reducing CO2 or energy transition.

Brief online overviews of your sustainability pillars, KPIs, ambition levels and results. Reporting profiles for the boardroom, the CSR department, the company restaurant, the reception, your website.

Enter ambitions, take a run-up or speed up immediately? Decisions, storytelling, awareness and promotion will now find their starting point in your dashboard.

Where necessary, results for organizations are further accelerated with technical and financial expertise, the sustainability business case, or the plan for integrated sustainable business.


The Blue Deal has all the technical knowledge to make your real estate portfolio and area developments future-proof. Call on us for:

  • Drawing up an integrated sustainability approach and real estate roadmap
  • Feasibility studies
  • Selection key labels (Breeam, BENG, NOM / POM, Energy labels, etc)
  • Information obligation
  • Go-to-A service
  • Second opinion
  • Subsidy advice (eg EIA)
  • Call for tenders
  • Tender & award criteria

The Blue Deal has been active in solar energy for 10 years under the AtotZon label. We support with:

  • Roof, water & field advice and system development
  • Subsidy advice and monitoring
  • Project development and financing
  • Second opinion
  • Contract management and advice
  • Business models and risk management
  • Plug-n-play temporary solar park
  • Analysis of delivery, use and storage

The energy transition is in full swing. The Blue Deal helps organizations take the necessary steps to make the transition successful with:

  • Transition scan
  • Roadmap electrification and storage
  • Interim manager sustainability
  • Area development and sustainable neighborhoods
  • Heat-cold solutions

With the integrated view of circularity of The Blue Deal, organizations are reducing their footprint:

  • Material use scan
  • Production process review
  • Chain management & optimization