The Blue Deal is a fine team of driven, independent and enterprising specialists in technic, finance and organisation.

Our mission is to attain accelerated sustainability goals.

Our successful presence in a young and turbulent sector, with 10 years worth of satisfied clients from MKB to blue chip companies and governments, confirms that we have the right approach, mentality and clients.

Setting a good example yourself creates the maximum effect. The Blue Deal team does this both at work and at home. Allow yourself to be surprised!


Chris Goemans

Chris Goemans is international pioneer, entrepreneur and specialist in the field of integral sustainable business. Following director positions at various international companies, he has since 2010 set the tone with his initiatives to accelerate the turbulent sustainable transition.

Chris is a mechanical engineer with a focus on healthy business cases and has extensive experience with organisational issues. As a result, he can constantly bridge the gap between technology, finance and organisation.

Chris strives constantly to lead by example in his work and private life. He is a car enthusiast but doesn’t own his own car and uses public transport, bicycle share and car share schemes to get around. He has an energy neutral house, hardly ever flies,  and sails to other countries on just a couple of litres of fuel, – it is possible!

On odd occasions, when leading by example just doesn’t work for just a brief moment, you might however see him jumping in to a friend’s car to get to the restaurant and not turning his eye to the CO2 menu …

Gilbert de Nijs

Gilbert de Nijs has been strengthening our team as a senior technical consultant since 2016. He is an expert in the field of sustainable energy systems and economies.

Gilbert is always looking for a healthy balance. His motto is therefore: real sustainability requires an integrated approach, not just a technical view

That is why not only the technical aspects belong to his expertise, but also the financial and organisational aspects of sustainability.

In projects he is the link between the various disciplines – his broad interest, knowledge and experience hereby always come in handy. Gilbert has experience with both renovation and new construction projects for housing, office buildings, airports, public buildings and hospitals and is both construction and environment oriented.


Jim van Oosten

David  Knops


David Knops

David Knops is a strategy and organisation specialist with extensive experience in large business and technical environments, both as a manager and recently as a consultant.

David takes care of shaping and implementing your Blue Print, at the pace and in the way that suits your organisation. He reaches the core surprisingly quickly and focuses on results.

Bringing plans to fruition is what we do, and David is our leader in this.

Bram Broshuis

Bram Broshuis is the project developer who, like no other, provides financial support, substantiation and financing for sustainable projects

His years of experience in the international investment sector leads you to every opportunity and prevents many a pitfall.

Bram is active in several countries and thereby maintains a broad and fresh perspective. Bram’s transparency, reliability and special jokes ensure that the team and our customers work with an extra little smile.


Jim van Oosten

Jim: sustainable energy specialist, system thinker

Jim van Oosten always enthusiastic and striving for the best. During his training in  “Future Planet Studies – Ecology” Jim learned to understand how our economy affects earth systems and how we can reduce our impact on it.

His Master in Energy Sciences as well as his many years of practical experience with sustainable energy systems and business cases has made him a sought after specialist.

Jim’s innovative and entrepreneurial activities are infectious to both the colleagues and the clients he works with.

Jim is a reliable, result-oriented, friendly, visible and inspiring sustainability accelerator that everyone enjoys working with.