The hyper active Blue Deal team has been leading multiple initiatives and incumbents, and has been involved for years in supporting start-ups, usually in sustainability context. We are happy to make our brands and domains that we decided not to bring to maturity, or have stopped for strategic reasons, available to others. Please find availability below, should you be interested feel free to contact us at team @

van A tot Zon branding package, based on a famous Dutch saying van A tot Z (meaning fully complete): a full brand, trademark, domain & social media package to introduce and position your solar initiative in the Benelux market. vanAtotZon has been used for solar consultancy 2010 to 2018 when it became part of The Blue Deal, the brand name has been on a very low profile since.

1) Registered trademark EU: rights to van A tot Zon name & logo, but no obligation to use the logo 

2) Primary domains covering the brand and similarities:,

3) Secundary / alternative brand domains. Also to acquire separate, first right to buyer of vanAtotZon brand package

Brand name & domains theme Renewable energy & climate change. International, English language

My Sun Plan:

Sollutions (Sol = sun = solar) :

Power to the panels:

Sustainable creators:

Sustainable dashboard:

Climate wall:

Green kitchen label:

Brand name & domains theme Renewable energy & climate change, Dutch & Flemish markets

Prachtstroom (krachtstroom):

Zon unie

Holland klimaatscherm

Gezond gebouw:


Kleurdak & kleurendaken:

Nautical name & domains

123 Boat:

123 boot:

Sloepwinkel (smile on the word ‘Snoepwinkel’):