Blue Print in more detail

We draft a Blue Print and make an inventory of action points which accelerate the attainment of the sustainability goals.

We hook in to both the sustainability and financial ambitions of your organisation.  We take into account independent projects as well as the organisation as a whole, and consider primary and secondary processes.  We involve all relevant stakeholders, such as customers, employees, partners and suppliers.

We combine technical, economical and organisation aspects.  Recurring themes are, amongst others, the sustainable energy transition, circularity and raw materials.

This results in an integral plan (Blue Deal) outlining the playing field, vision, strategic goals and the corresponding KPIs, including the different phases, and clear steps.

Blue Deal in more detail

We introduce a sustainability business case (Blue Deal) combining desired return on investment with other criteria, resulting in the implementation plan and phase. Input is the Blue Print that sets out an inventory of actions.

A Trade-off matrix tool links financial consequence to selection of actions points. This provides a good overview of how sustainability and financial goals can reinforce each other and lead to acceleration.

The Blue Deal approach allows you to take holistic and transparent investment decisions. We call the commitment to this acceleration the ‘The Blue Deal’.

Blue Board in more detail

We monitor progress (Blue Board) and take measures when necessary.

Measuring, knowing and driving results. Traceable and measurable. Concise online overviews of your sustainability goals, KPIs, ambition levels and results.

Reporting profiles for boards, sustainability departments, corporate cafeterias, reception and your website.

Realising ambitions, take time for a take-off or accelerate straight away? Decisions, story telling, awareness and promotion, now starts with consulting your dashboard.